CHAPS clients are referred by their local health department for
Charlotte, DeSoto or South Sarasota counties,
as well as
the Comprehensive Care Centers in Sarasota or North Port
or the McGregor Clinic in Fort Myers.

If you know of someone who might need the assistance
provided by CHAPS, ask them to call the CHAPS office at
(941) 625-2552.

We can supply them with referral information.
This information is also available by following the links below.

Charlotte County
Health Department
(941) 624-7200
DeSoto County
Health Department

(863) 993-4601
Sarasota County
Health Department

(941) 861-3820
Comprehensive Care
Center of Sarasota

(941) 366-0134
Comprehensive Care
Center of North Port

(941) 888-2144
The McGregor Clinic
of Fort Myers

(239) 334-9555